Documentary to be Broadcast on KET

The broadcast premier of the documentary "The Beat of a Different Drummer" will be this September on KET. Air dates for the documentary, produced by Dynamix Productions, are below. The first primetime broadcast in high-definition will be Thursday September 19th at 10PM. Mark your calendars and set your DVRs for upcoming broadcasts.

September 19th at 10 PM EDT on KET1 (HD)
September 17th at 4 AM EDT on KET1 (HD)
September 11th at 10 PM EDT on KET2
September 26th at 1 AM EDT on KET3
September 26th at 10 AM EDT on KET3

It has also been selected for national distribution among 95 public television stations and networks through the National Educational Telecommunications Association (NETA). It will be available to those affiliates in time for Veteran's Day in November. Check your local listings.

With more detail than the broadcast version, plus DVD extras, the full length version is now on sale in our online store. Find out more here.

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