Mike Douglas: Moments and Memories

Before there was Oprah or Dr. Phil or Ellen, or any of these people, there was Mike Douglas.

"MIke Douglas: Moments and Memories" is a new documentary that recently completed post production at Post Time Productions and Dynamix Productions. The documentary (available on DVD March 25, 2008) has been airing on PBS stations around the country.

Legendary daytime talk show host Mike Douglas influenced many of today's biggest stars, including Barbara Walters, Jay Leno, Regis Philbin, and Rosie O'Donnell, among many others. He ruled daytime talk from 1961 to 1982, reaching as many as 15 million people with a single show and averaging an astounding seven million viewers a day. MOMENTS AND MEMORIES takes a look back at Douglas' tenure as talk-show-host extraordinaire. The program unlocks a plethora of amazing performances and interviews from the show's vaults, including Tiger Woods' first appearance on television and Marlon Brando's personal commentary on his role as The Godfather.

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Distributed by Kulter International Films

Produced by TH Entertainment

Executive Producers E. V. Di Massa, Jr., Barbara Hall

Producers Gregory Hall, Al Greenfield

Director Al Greenfield

Writer Michael Friedman

Associate Producers Michael Friedman, Kristen Topping

Editors Darren Platt, Dave Cottingham

Narration Rich Bartholomew

Director of Photography Steven Sheridan, Tom Brunstetter, James Ochsenbein

Location Audio John Tychon, Larry Williams, Jr.

Post Audio Neil Kesterson Dynamix Productions Lexington, Kentucky

Make up Randi Mavestrand

Clearances Clear Cut Inc.

Production Facilities Yada Levine Productions Los Angeles, Magno Sound & Studios, Inc. New York, Paradise Video, Inc. Fort Lauderdale

Post Production Facilities Post Time Productions Lexington, Kentucky

Footage Donna Fields King World Productions, Walt Disney Company, Mike Douglas Entertainment, Inc.

Photos Michael Leshnov show photographer from 1965 to 1980, Bernie Rich Score Photography

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