Dynamix Productions Provides ADR for Warner Brothers

When actor Steve Zahn (Chicken Little, Sahara, National Security) recently needed a studio to replace dialog for the upcoming movie Strange Wilderness, Warner Brother Studios chose Dynamix Productions in Lexington, KY.  The ADR (automated dialog replacement) stage at Warner Brothers connected with Dynamix via a special digital studio patch called ISDN.  While Zahn watched a video of the film, directors in Burbank, CA watched an identically synchronized video.  As the section of film that needed to be re-voiced approached, Zahn would hear timing beeps in his headphones and then perform the new lines.  Each new line of dialog is recorded in perfect time with the film.  Warner Brothers sound engineers will next select the best takes, align them with the original dialog, and equalize them to sound like the originally recorded audio.  This is a service that Dynamix Productions offers as well.

ADR is usually needed when there are problems with the sound recorded at the time of filming.  Problems include low dialog, extraneous sounds, or even small changes in the script.   A variety of microphones can be used for this process, but super-directional mics called shotguns (or booms) are most commonly used to more closely match the original recording.  An actor's performance can also be changed or enhanced from that which was originally filmed.

The comedy Strange Wilderness is about the host of a wilderness-themed TV show that goes in search of Bigfoot to save the program from low ratings.  This Adam Sandler-produced film is scheduled to be released in theaters later this year by Twentieth Century Fox. 

Neil Kesterson of Dynamix Productions has also recently supplied ADR for the films Hide and Seek and Beauty Shop.  Dynamix Productions provides recording services for advertising, corporate communications, films, videos, web sites, podcasts, and musicians.  Dynamix Productions has been in business since 2003, and is located at 332 North Ashland Avenue in Lexington, KY.  To find out more, visit the web site at www.dxaudio.com, or call 859-335-1011.

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