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Dynamix Hired for ESPN Feature

Videographer Kaline Schounce and "e 60" producer John Minton.  Shoot at UK and in Paintsville, KY for ESPN's "e 60" program-med
Kaline Schounce and John Minton

Neil Kesterson of Dynamix Productions was recently hired by P1 Productions in Carmel, IN for location audio recording. Kaline Schounce of P1 Productions is a frequent videographer for ESPN and other networks. Producer John Minton of ESPN was in Kentucky during the Women’s NCAA Basketball 1st and 2nd round tournaments to produce a story about an inspiring young Kentucky fan, Marlana Van Hoose. The “Loud and Proud” feature is part of ESPN’s e :60 program and was featured during the broadcasts of the tournament.

Watch the story here: http://espn.go.com/video/clip?id=10703950

Kaline Schounce-ESPN e60 in Denver KY-med

Schounce in Denver, Kentucky

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