Podcasting and the Central Kentucky business community come together

Business Lexington, Central Kentucky's new business newspaper, and Dynamix Productions have formed a partnership to bring podcasting to readers. Podcasting is a generic term for a new web technology that "pushes" audio programs to your computer for later playback. An added benefit for businesses is the niche audience that podcasts can be directed to. Specialty audio programs can be recorded, submitted to a directory with information, and searched for content by web surfers. People interested in "Kentucky Business" for example, will find Business Lexington's podcast in the search results. The audio programs are pre-recorded, then specially encoded so that anyone with podcast-playing software that subscribed to the podcast will recieve it automatically. There is no need to manually locate the audio file and download it. Some popular podcast players include iTunes and iPodder. As an added benefit, suscribers can transfer the audio program to their portable mp3 player, burn a CD, or share it with other computer users.
Tom Martin, editor-in-chief, and Chuck Creasy, publisher, wanted to bring more in depth coverage of feature articles to readers. Feature articles often include interviews with some of the area's most facinating people who are blazing new and exciting paths in business. Podcasts, or "BizCasts" as Business Lexington calls them, include the full interviews that go beyond what can be included in the written article. Listeners can hear firsthand the nuances of conversation between Tom Martin and his subject.

To find out more about how Dynamix can help you get into pocasting, click here.
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