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New Star Wars Fan Film Distributed in LA

Okay, it's not a movie deal. And the short film "Rise of the Troopers" wasn't even unloaded out of the trunk of a '77 Cadillac in the parking lot of 20th Century Fox. But David Cottingham, Mat Raney, and Chad Perkins of Twenty One Productions were in Los Angeles attending Celebration IV, the popular Star Wars convention. While there, they distributed (handed out) over 350 free DVDs of the 21-minute long spoof to fans, actors, press agents, and anybody wearing a suit. Along with Russell Johnson, Cottingham, Raney, and Perkins make up Twenty One Productions, a local film production company. While all are Star Wars fans, (and dressing up in storm trooper suits can bring out the kid in you), they will tell you this DVD is much more than a fan film. It's purpose is to draw attention to their company. To draw attention to the high-production value that 21 strives for (it was shot and produced in HD). To draw attention to their attention to detail (spoofed scenes from actual movies were recreated shot-for-shot). To draw attention to the devotion and caliber of the cast and crew (every single person involved did their part for free).

The story:

In this prequel to EPISODE IV.V: THE UNKNOWN DISCOVERY, TK221 and TK212 head down to Coruscant to appear on the television show ONE 2 ONE with Skip Antilles. During the interview the troopers recall their first meeting and how they became the elite troopers for the Empire they are today. In the course of the interview they discuss high school, their whirlwind run on the Imperial Poker Tour, and their short time spent in the business world.
This new comedy spoofs everything from Napolean Dyamite, Office Space, The World Poker Tour, Star Trek and The Office.

Screenplay by MAT RANEY

Neil Kesterson of Dynamix Productions produced the soundtrack, with music by Justin R. Durban. Production of the soundtrack was similar to how major motion pictures are produced. For instance, three-quarters of the dialog was dubbed in later (ADR). About the same amount of sound effects were added later, along with Foley sounds (sound effects created while watching the video, such as footsteps). Sound effects layers for spoofed-movie scenes were meticulously recreated to have the same feel as the originals. Thanks to Foley artists Dane Dickmann and Graeme Hart.

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