Lexington Forum Begins Podcast with Dynamix

On every first Thursday of the month, a dedicated group of leaders get together to discuss Lexington's issues. These leaders make up Lexington's community of business, government, civic, cultural, media, and other groups of interest.

Since 1983, The Lexington Forum has been committed to the healthy discussion of community issues and to the use of all its resources for the betterment of the Lexington-Fayette community. Fundamental to the philosophy of the Lexington Forum is the expression of opinions on issues of importance. Each meeting of the Lexington Forum addresses a particular issue. Knowledgeable speakers are invited to discuss topics of interest in the areas of government, politics, business, education, the arts, science, social science, communications, and economic development.

The Lexington Forum and Dynamix Productions have teamed up to bring podcasts of each meeting to everyone interested in the forum.

To learn more about The LExington Forum, or to listen to the podcasts, click here: www.lexingtonforum.org
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