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"Rise of the Troopers" Begins Production

The Star Wars fanfilm/parody Star Wars Episode III.VIII: Rise of the Troopers has officially began shooting. Produced by Twenty One Productions, this is a prequel to 2005's highly successful Star Wars Episode IV.V: Unknown Discovery. Neil Kesterson of Dynamix Productions is supplying about 90% of the location sound and will be the sound designer in post production later this summer. The short film tells the story of how two storm troopers, TK221 and TK212 met and become the elite troopers for the Empire they are today. Much like 2005's Unknown Discovery, the film borrows heavily, sometimes shot-for-shot, from popular cult movies.

To keep up with Rise of the Troopers, or to just check out what all Twenty One Productions is up to, visit their website here.
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