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Business Lexington and Dynamix "Podcasting" to Entrepreneurs

Since August 2005, Business Lexington, the new business journal of Central Kentucky, and Dynamix Productions have been providing podcasts of inteviews with today's business leaders.

Some of the distinguished leaders that have been interviewed in the studios of Dynamix include:

•Susan Berry-Buckley of the Central Kentucky Blood Center
•Congressman Ben Chandler
•Dr. Joe Chappell of Allylix
•Terry Garcia Crews of LexTran
•James W. Host, outgoing Kentucky Commerce Secretary
•George Ward, incoming Kentucky Commerce Secretary

A "podcast" is really a file of an audio recording that is downloaded via the internet. But a true podcast is defined by how the recipient gets it. Programs such as
iPodderX and iTunes provide an easy subscription method to automatically download your favorite podcasts when new ones become available.

Podcasting is just in its infancy, but it is already taking the world by storm. Not hampered by time constraints or FCC restrictions, podcasters are adding hundreds if not thousands of new material every month. Who is listening? Just about anybody that is web-savvy. With the plethora of podcasts available, there is at least one podcast that will interest anybody. Want to find out about the Newport Jazz Festival, did you miss last week's Al Franken Show on the radio, or do you want to listen to an in-depth interview with a Kentucky business leader? They're all out there.

How can businesses use podcasts to reach customers, prospects, employees, and the media? Well there isn't a much better way to reach a specific narrow audience with your message than with a podcast. Instead of listening to a radio station that tries to blanket an entire listening area with many subjects, a podcast only addresses one subject - you. Also, your listeners
come to you. Of course you have to submit your podcast to different directories, and direct your web site visitors to the download page, but these exercises are getting easier since iTunes came into the picture with their already heavy web presence.

Why use a professional studio to record your podcast? If image, first impression, professionalism, and expertise are important to you, then you need Dynamix to produce your podcasts. There's nothing that says "amateur" more than a poorly-recorded and produced program. When a podcast is poorly produced, the listener strays from your message and starts to hear all the faults - low levels, hum, hiss, mistakes, garbled words, clicks, pops, bad edits - the list goes on.

Call us at Dynamix to help you get started podcasting. After looking at your needs, audience and message, we can help demystify this thing called "podcasting."
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