Beau Haddock Chooses Dynamix to Master Latest Album

Singer-songwriter Beau Haddock, originator of the 1970's group Little River Band, recently brought his most recent body of original work to Dynamix for mastering. The self-produced album "The Windingest River," soon to be released on CD, takes listeners through a variety of styles that Beau Haddock is known for. Haddock, who has performed with Suzanne Vega and John Hartford, has also been featured on KET's Jubilee.

is the final preparation of recordings before duplication or distribution. An often overlooked but important step, mastering can even out level changes, brighten up dull-sounding passages, add more punch, and can even reduce or eliminate noise and other artifacts. For mass replication, mastering is a necessity, but can be disastrous in the wrong hands.

To find out more about Beau Haddock, or to purchase his CD, please visit this link:
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