Twenty One Productions Begins Podcasts

Twenty One Productions, a local independent film company, and Dynamix Productions has teamed up to produce podcasts. Partners Russell Johnson, David Cottingham, and Mat Raney share duties bringing insights into the world of film making. From filmmakers just starting out, to those already in the biz, all will find this frank talk about movie production engaging.

The uninhibited form of podcasting allows more freedom to explore a subject more deeply and provide real conversation that draws listeners in. What's usually missing is professional sounding production. Because Dynamix Productions and Twenty One Productions are already strategic partners, it was only natural to team up and deliver a podcast that was not only engaging, but sounded great, too. Neil Kesterson of Dynamix has engineered soundtracks for several Twenty One short films.

Click here to listen to Russell, Dave, and Matt with guests as they discuss the ups and downs of film making.
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