June 2012 News from Dynamix - the Cool Factor

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When Dynamix Productions started planning our much needed expansion about two years ago, we naturally looked at renovating new space in our existing building.  It made sense - customers already knew where we were, we were in the central business district, and there was a certain "coolness" factor to our neighborhood.  Although renovation was still on the table, we also looked at several other potential sites in other (less cool) locations.  But then a space directly across the street from us opened up.  Having certain studio-centric elements already in place, we decided to move in.  Our new studios are in one of the newest buildings in our neighborhood.  In fact, the 25-year-old building could be called a baby because most of the other structures average more than 75-years-old.  Our landlords, the Walker family, have been buying up and renovating this neighborhood for decades.  Our old building used to be a lumber company in the 1930's.  The building around the corner was a warehouse and auto repair shop.  There was a bottling plant down the street that will now house a market, bakery, bar and restaurant.  

Re-purposing buildings has been one hallmark of the Walkers.  Bringing like-minded businesses into them has been the other.  Within view of Dynamix is a video production company, a live sound and event production company, an upscale fitness facility, a decathlon training center, a software development company, a candle making shop, a professional artist supply business, a pottery company, a photography studio, a catering company, and a ballet company.  On the corner just a few steps away from our front door is an art garden (see picture above).  One often overused word is "synergy," but that's what this neighborhood has.  Most of us know each other from years past, work on projects together, send clients to each other, and help each other out.  
You can read more about our neighborhood and what the Walkers have planned for it from one of our partners, Smiley Pete Publishing:
Walker Properties to Revamp a Burgeoning Business Distric Along Walton and National Avenues

Downtown Neighborhood Sees Spurt of New Business Growth

The Arts New Address

Dynamix Tech Notes

When Dynamix Productions decided to move into our current home, we found this building to have some "studio-centric" elements to it.  So what exactly are "studio-centric" elements?  First and foremost was the floor plan.  Although having an upstairs/downstairs arrangement can be a little taxing at times, it did offer the ability to separate the production areas from the regular areas.  This reduces noise from foot traffic, phones, talking, etc.  Our voice-over booths are located on one end of the floor, away from control room doors, and accessible by a long hallway with a sound lock between the booths.    Another benefit of that hallway is a sound buffer zone between the control rooms to minimize noise leakage.  

We had HVAC systems divided into two zones - upstairs and downstairs.  Since our production area contains heat-generating equipment, it must be cooled year-round.  In addition, the HVAC systems are located downstairs on the opposite side of the building from the voice-over booths.  This, along with a carefully engineered and baffled air flow design, keeps all HVAC noise from our microphones.

One of the other considerations we had was the ceilings.  The upstairs/production suites have drywalled ceilings that block out noise.  The downstairs/office space has drop ceilings that make running wires between rooms easier.  

Above all, we could control most noise within our facility.  We put soft closers on doors, isolated offices, directed foot traffic, installed carpet, put thick padding under wood floors, and had many other solutions to common everyday office noise.  If none of those work, we can always say "SSHHHHHH!"
Neil Kesterson

Recent Projects From Dynamix Productions

Cartoon voice-over by Steve Zahn for upcoming episode of Randy Cunningham on the Disney Network (Disney, Burbank, CA)

Live ISDN interview with food scientist John S. Allen for NPR's Science Friday (National Public Radio, New York, NY)   LISTEN NOW

Ongoing learning modules and sales training soundtracks for Lexmark International

Radio campaign for All Rite Pest Control (John E. Campbell, Lexington, KY)

Radio commercial for Danville (VA) Regional Medical Center (Lifepoint Hospitals, Nashville, TN)

Radio spot for Blue Grass Mental Health (Ad-Success, Lexington, KY)

ADR (automated dialog replacement) with Steve Zahn for HBO's "Treme" series (Fee Nah Ney, New Orleans, LA)

Post-production completed for "unDeserved," a short film by Ed Smith of Georgetown College.  LEARN MORE

Post-production completed for "Battle on Broadway: Transylvania vs. University of Kentucky" (JuddFilms, Lexington, KY)   WATCH NOW
Voice-overs for:
* Grand Victoria Casinos (Earworks, Virginia Beach, VA)

* Purdue Football (Deering Group; and Voice Scouts, Dallas, GA)
* National Association of State Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA) (Trapp Communications, Lexington, KY)
* MediStar Awards Ceremony (BK Public Affairs (Louisville, KY)


Thank you for letting us share our audio adventures with you.  Please stop by anytime to see our new studios. Oh, and pet the dog Daisy while you're here.

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