"Bourbon in Kentucky: A History Distilled" Premieres

In "Bourbon in Kentucky: A History Distilled," historian Kent Masterson Brown takes us back to the origins of bourbon distilling in Kentucky. Who first distilled what we call "Bourbon?" Why is it made mostly from corn? Why is it aged in charred oak barrels? What is "proof"? Moreover, why is this whiskey called "Bourbon?" All these questions - and more - are answered. that the story of Kentucky Bourbon is, indeed, fundamental to the history of Kentucky.

This documentary is a look at the origins and growth of the bourbon business in Kentucky. Visits to several distilleries explore how and why bourbon was first distilled, how it is manufactured, and why it became so identified with Kentucky. Written and produced by historian Kent Masterson Brown, Bourbon first aired on Kentucky Educational Television (KET) in July 2008. Click here to view the schedule for upcoming episodes.

Bourbon in Kentucky: A History Distilled

David Lord,
Executive Producer for Lexington Convention and Visitors Bureau
Kent Masterson Brown, writer/producer/host
David Cottingham, video editing, Post Time Productions
Neil Kesterson, audio post production, Dynamix Productions
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