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Dynamix at Work

Dynamix at Work
PIctures of Dynamix at work

One of the first commercials Coach Cal did after he becamer coach at UK (2009)


One of the first commercials Coach Cal did after he becamer coach at UK (2009)


Recording the Alltech World Equestrian Games theme songs (2010)


Recording the Alltech World Equestrian Games theme songs (2010)


Recording the Alltech World Equestrian Games theme songs (2010)


Recording the Alltech World Equestrian Games theme songs (2010)


Commercial for Paul Miller Ford (2016)

Black And Vlue-Middlesboro Shoot_IMG_2978.JPG

Greg Page's family being interviewed by Paul Wagner for his "Black in Blue" documentary (2017)


Gov. Breathitt's daughter and Nate Northington being interviewed by Paul Wagner's "Black in Blue" documentary (2017)

2017-0718 PMF Shoot-Stoops Mitchell-IMG_3360-Stoops.jpg

Paul Miller Ford commercial with coaches Stoops and Mitchell (2017)

2018-0629-Keeneland Ted Bassett-IMG_4311.JPG

Former Keeneland president Ted Bassett (2018)

IMG_4496 1.jpg

Dustin Jones running location audio in Illinois for the documentary "Lincoln in Illinois" (2018)

IMG_4508 1.JPG

Ctors on set for the documentary "Lincoln in Illinois" (2018)


Recording for Alltech's PIkeville Distillery in Hyden, KY (2016)

Mayor Jim Gray-2018-0801-3101.jpg

Then mayor Jim Gray for an episode of Eastern Standard (2018)

Ford Shoot_IMG_1089.jpg

Paul Miller Ford shoot with Coach Cal (2011)

Henry Clay-Spkr of House_IMG_0986.JPG

Current and former Speakers of the House at Transylvania University for C-SPAN (2011)

Matt Jones-Chris Tomlin 2020.png

Authors Matt Jones and Chris Tomlin record their audiobook "Mitch, Please" (2020)

Neil Graeme NCAA-NO b&w.psd

In New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina for the NCAA (2008)

Planet of the Apes ADR-Steve Z-IMG_3101-Steve Zahn Performing-.jpg

Steve Zahn channels his inner ape during ADR work for "War for the Planet of the Apes" (2017)

Fern-ES Guest Producer.jpg

Guest producer Minnie


Centerpointe podcast recording at Centre College (2016)

Travel Channel-Pikeville-2016-0509IMG_2348.JPG

Interviewing in PIkeville for an episode on the Hatfield & McCoy feud for the Travel Channel (2016)

UK Radio FB-2016-1119-IMG_2952.jpg

Wildcat Warmup live radio for the UK Radio Network (2016)

UK Radio FB-2016-1119-IMG_2957.jpg

Live sound for a UK Football game (2016)

Guiness World Record-UKBB Jan 28 2017.JPG

Engineering the Guiness World Record for loudest arena during the UK/Kansas basketball game in 2017

UKFB Superbowl Shoot Jan 2017-2.jpg

Shooting a UK Football spot for Superbowl broadcast (2017)

Russell-UKHC Cal Drs-2015-0907-2714.jpg

UK HealthCare TV spot in UK's basketball practice facility (2015)

Dolly SHot-Red Mile-2015-0909-2723.jpg

TV spot for Red Mile (2015)

Ella Listening.jpg

Ella listening

Alltech Celebration of Song.jpg

Alltech/UK Opera Celebration of Song (2011)

Bell Choir from

Alltech/UK Opera Celebration of Song (2010)

NCAA PSA at Michican Stadium-1.jpg

PSA for the NCAA in Michigan Wolverines stadium (2005)

Tom Martin-Eastern Standard-2018-_K202568.jpg

Tom Martin, Host of EASTERN STANDARD

Recording 1.jpg

Kentucky Men's Choir (2014)

PMF-UK Coaches-Disiana--2666.jpg

Coach Cal at Dixiana Farm (2015)

Daisy studio portrait.jpg

Daisy, our late client relations manager


Our very first studio on Permiter Drive (2003)

Block Party 2016-2906.jpg

Warehouse Block Party in our business neighborhood

Showalter-Bannister Conversation-2020-0715.jpg

Jim Bannister (L) meets Sallie Showalter (R). Showalter's ancestor was involved in the lynching of Bannister's ancestor in 1901 in Paris, Kentcky. This meeting was recorded for EASTERN STANDARD.