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Thunderstruck - March 2024 New


With spring comes change, a welcome sight after a long winter. It also brings storms. And thunder. If anything signifies change, it's thunder. A nice calm day can change instantly with a thunder clap. Maybe that day is Thursday, which is named after Thor, the Viking god of thunder. But what is thunder, really? Read More...

Excerpts from "Push the Right Buttons" January 2024 news

PTRB-Book Tablet Combo 3D

In our latest newsletter,I quote some excerpts from my new book "Push the Right Buttons: A Practical Guide to Becoming and Succeeding as an Audio Engineer", which is now on sale at many major online booksellers, including Amazon, Barns & Noble, and Google Play. The book is aimed mostly, but not exclusively, at people thinking about getting into the industry. I also give common sense advice to seeking out a job in the audio industry, and give a clear, very real look at how our industry works. Plus find out what's been in the works at Dynamix Productions. Read More...

Push the Right Buttons BOOK RELEASE - December 2023 news

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Announcing the release of my new book "Push the Right Buttons: A Practical Guide to Becoming and Succeeding as an Audio Engineer and Producer." Read More...

The Sounds of M*A*S*H - October 2023 news


There are sounds unique to both the hit show M*A*S*H and a real MASH unit during the Korean War. Plus, find out the latest news from Dynamix.


Podcasting 101 - September 2023 news


I'm pleased to announce that I will teaching a free crash course on how to start a podcast. I'll be joined by veteran podcaster Liza Holland at the annual Kentucky Book Festival on Saturday October 21, 2023 at 10 AM EST. The event takes place at Joseph-Beth Booksellers in Lexington Green, Lexington, KY. Read More...